ORS 9.360
Compelling delivery by attorney of money or papers

When an attorney refuses to deliver over money or papers to a person from whom or for whom the attorney has received them in the course of professional employment, the attorney may be required by an order of the court in which a judicial proceeding was prosecuted or defended, or if none were prosecuted or defended, then by an order of the circuit court or judge thereof for the county where such attorney resides or may be found, to do so within a specified time, or show cause why the attorney should not be punished for a contempt.

Notes of Decisions

Mandamus was not available to compel attorney to deliver file to former client because this section provided remedy at law to secure file even after case was concluded. McClure v. Hess, 91 Or App 281, 754 P2d 37 (1988)

Law Review Citations

27 WLR 891 (1991)


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