ORS 9.572
Bar to establish Legal Services Program

  • director
  • advisory and technical committees


The Oregon State Bar shall by rule establish a Legal Services Program. The program shall provide standards and guidelines for legal service providers receiving funding from the program. The rules shall also provide methods for evaluating legal service providers. Funding received under the program may be used only for the provision of legal services to the poor without charge and for expenses incurred by the Oregon State Bar in the administration of the Legal Services Program.


The Oregon State Bar shall appoint a director of the Legal Services Program established under this section. The bar shall prescribe the duties of the director and fix the salary of the director.


The Oregon State Bar may establish any advisory or technical committees it deems necessary to advise the bar in establishing and operating the Legal Services Program. [1997 c.801 §73; 2011 c.595 §99]


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