Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Rule Rule 437-001-0090
Inspection Procedures

During an inspection an Compliance Officer is authorized to:


Inspect without unreasonably disrupting operations in a place of employment all required records, conditions, structures, machines, materials, and methods for compliance with statutes, regulations, rules, standards, and orders, and identify and document hazards;


Photograph or take video of unsafe acts, practices, procedures, or physical hazards;


Take environmental and personal exposure samples;


Allow a different employer representative or employee representative to accompany the Compliance Officer during separate phases of the inspection if this will facilitate the inspection;


Resolve all disputes as to who is the representative authorized by the employees to accompany the Compliance Officer on the inspection.


Deny the right to participate to any person whose conduct interferes with a fair and orderly inspection;


Inform the employer representative and employee representative of any apparent violations and hazards;


Collect information, including but not limited to, information obtained for the purpose of classifying any apparent violations as minimal, other than serious, or serious and for the purpose of calculating penalty assessment;


Interview privately a reasonable number of employees about safety and health in the place of employment, taking notes and audio recordings of such interviews as appropriate;


Receive information in confidence from an employee or employee representative; and


Stop the inspection if a situation involving imminent danger is observed, request the employer or the employer representative to advise affected employee and correct the imminent danger, and post a Red Warning Notice according to OAR 436-046-0096, if the employer or the employer representative refuses to protect the employees from the imminent danger.

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Jun. 8, 2021