Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Rule Rule 437-001-0410
Administrative Action on Variance Application


After a variance request is determined to be complete and procedurally adequate, as provided in OAR 437-001-0400 (Application for a Variance), Oregon OSHA will publish the request for one day in at least one daily newspaper with general circulation throughout Oregon. The notice will include:


The name of the applicant;


The rule, also identified by number, from which the variance is sought;


A brief description of the variance request;


Notice of opportunity for public comment and hearing;


Information on how interested persons may learn of Oregon OSHA’s decision on the variance application; and


The address of the Oregon OSHA office from which further information may be obtained.


Oregon OSHA may conduct an on-site review of the equipment or processes involved in the requested variance.


A variance, if granted, will have no retroactive effect. It will not be the basis for amending or withdrawing a citation.

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Jun. 8, 2021