Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Rule Rule 437-001-1035
Loss Prevention Services


Each insurer shall make occupational health and safety loss prevention services available to all its insured employers and shall provide certain other services as required by this rule.


At a minimum, loss prevention services and personnel providing the services must meet the needs of the particular place of employment, special industry, or process, and shall include at least the following:


Evaluation of the employer’s loss prevention needs;


Assistance in evaluating records that may be pertinent to the firm’s illness and injury experience;


An explanation to the employer of the Oregon Safe Employment Act and rules that apply to the particular place of employment;


Provision of partial or complete on-site health and safety surveys, which identify all reasonably discoverable occupational safety and health hazards within the scope of the survey scheduled;


Assistance with industrial hygiene and safety evaluations to detect physical and chemical hazards of the workplace, and implementation of engineering or administrative controls;


Assistance with evaluating, obtaining, and maintaining personal protective equipment;


Evaluation of work practices, workplace design, and assistance with job site modifications;


Assistance in evaluating and improving an employer’s safety management practices;


Assistance in identifying health and safety training needs and available resources; and


An offer to provide follow-up services.


Loss prevention services shall include a written report with a plan of action.


If, when providing loss prevention services, a condition of imminent danger is observed (see OAR 437-001-0015 (Definitions)), the insurer shall advise the employer of the hazard and the need to immediately correct it.


All insurers shall maintain records of all loss prevention services provided at the locations designated by the insurer for Division personnel’s review and must be maintained for not less than three years following the date the service was provided.

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