Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Rule Rule 437-001-0099
Closing Conference


The Compliance Officer shall, if practicable, conduct a joint closing conference with the employer or a representative, and a representative of the employees, if any, and shall advise these representatives:


Of any violation(s) as a result of the inspection and of any hazards which at this time may not be a violation;


Of the right to present any pertinent information regarding the violation(s);


That a citation shall be issued for all other than serious or serious violations even if the violations were corrected at the time of the inspection;


That penalties may be imposed for other than serious violations and shall be imposed for serious violations;


That a reasonable time for correction of each alleged violation shall be proposed;


That further correspondence separate from the citation regarding the inspection will be received detailing the nonviolation hazards observed during the inspection;


Of all posting requirements contained in OAR 437-001-0275 (Posting Requirements) and 437-001-0280 (Posting on Selected Multi-Employer Jobsites);


That if the employer fails to correct any violation by the date indicated on the citation, additional penalties may be imposed for each day the violation(s) remains uncorrected (see OAR 437-001-0235 (Failure to Correct Violation));


Of employee protection against discrimination (see OAR 437-001-0295 (Discrimination Complaint));


Of appeal rights contained in ORS 654.078 (Contesting violations) and OAR 438-085-0006 (Scope; Authority) to 438-085-0870 (Reconsideration);


Of rights to an informal conference (see OAR 437-001-0255 (Requesting an Appeal and an Informal Conference));


Of extension procedures (see OAR 437-001-0240 (Extension of Correction Date — Application));


Of consultative services available through the Department and workers’ compensation insurance carriers (see OAR 437-001-0450 (Voluntary Compliance Consultative Services) through 437-001-0465);


Of variance procedures (see OAR 437-001-0400 (Application for a Variance) through 437-001-0435 (Effect of a Variance Granted by the U.S. Secretary of Labor));


Of the possibility of follow-up inspections;


That if any safety or health condition was encountered which was beyond the expertise of the Compliance Officer, that condition will be considered a referral and may be addressed by another representative of Oregon OSHA.


Of the availability of return visits by the Compliance Officer to assist the employer in obtaining compliance.


Where the Compliance Officer decides it is not practical to hold a joint conference, separate conferences shall be held for the employer or a representative and for a representative of the employees, if any. Notes shall be taken by the Compliance Officer during the separate conferences; these will be available upon request.

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