Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Rule Rule 437-001-0430
Modification or Revocation of a Variance


A variance may be modified or revoked after it has been in effect 6 months or longer upon:


Receiving a request from the employer, an affected employee, or an employee representative containing:


The name and address of the applicant;


A description of the relief which is sought;


A statement setting forth with particularity the grounds for relief;


If the applicant is an employer, a certification that the applicant has informed affected employees of the application by:


Giving a copy to their authorized representative;


Posting at the place or places where notices to employees are normally posted, a statement giving a summary of the application and specifying where a copy of the full application may be examined (or, in lieu of the summary, posting the application itself); and


Other appropriate means.


If the applicant is an affected employee, they must provide a copy of the application to the employer; and


Any request for a hearing, as provided for in these rules.


Notification and confirmation that the alternative methods or safeguards required by the variance are not fully complied with; or


An Oregon OSHA review.


Oregon OSHA will post the proposed modifications or revocations on the Oregon OSHA web site at osha.oregon.gov for 30 days. The posting will include:


The name of applicant;


The rule, also identified by number, from which the variance had been granted;


A brief description of the variance and why relief is sought;


Notice of opportunity for public comment and hearing and that a request for hearing will be made within 20 days of publication;


Information on how interested persons may learn of Oregon OSHA’s decision on the variance; and


The address of the Oregon OSHA office from which further information may be obtained.


Oregon OSHA may conduct an on-site review of the equipment or processes involved in the proposed, revoked, or modified variance.


The employer and affected employees will be advised in writing of modification or revocation of the variance. The modification or revocation order will include:


The name and address of the employer;


The address and location of the place of employment involved;


The rule, identified by number, from which the variance was granted;


The type of variance issued;


The reasons for modification or revocation of the variance; and


The employer’s and affected employees appeal rights.


Any request for a hearing will be made within 30 days of publication and must include a short and plain statement of:


How the proposed modification or revocation would affect the requesting party; and


What the requesting party would seek to show on the subjects or issues involved.

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