Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Rule Rule 437-001-1025
Notification of Services


When an insurer writes a workers’ compensation policy for an employer, and annually thereafter, the insurer shall inform the employer at the employer’s Oregon main office of the loss prevention services that are available. The information shall include at least the following:


A description of all loss prevention services that the insurer is required to offer, and other loss prevention services the insurer provides;


A description of the availability of and process for obtaining loss prevention services;


An offer, by the insurer, of an on-site evaluation of the loss prevention service needs of the insured;


An explanation of the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe and healthful workplace as required by the Oregon Safe Employment Act (ORS 654.001 (Short title) to 654.295 (Application of Oregon Safe Employment Act) and 654.991 (Penalties)); and


A statement of the employer’s right to make a complaint to Oregon OSHA if an insurer fails to respond to a request from one of its insured employers for loss prevention services or otherwise fails to provide services as offered or required.


An insurer shall provide the material described in section (1) of this rule and instructions that the employer distribute this material to each of the employer’s fixed places of employment in Oregon.

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Jun. 8, 2021