Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.120
Adding uncollected tax to tax for succeeding year

  • placing property as to which tax adjudged void upon rolls
  • relisting, reassessment and relevying


If a tax levied on property liable to taxation is prevented from being collected for any year or years by reason of an erroneous proceeding, or other cause, the amount of the tax which should have been paid on the property shall be added to the amount of tax upon the property for the next succeeding year; and if any tax is adjudged void for want of form or manner of procedure on the part of the taxing officers, the county assessor or tax collector shall cause the property to be placed on the assessment and tax roll of the current year, the tax to be collected as other taxes of that year are collected.


There shall be, if necessary, a relisting, reassessment and a relevy of the proper tax in the manner and by the person authorized by law to list property and levy and assess a tax. The relisting, reassessment and relevying shall take place within five years from the date the tax would have been delinquent if the property had been properly listed, assessed and tax levied thereon. If the question is raised in the courts as to the legality of such tax, the five years shall not commence to run until the question is finally determined by the courts.


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