Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.265
Payment of taxes with warrants


Any warrant of a county or of any municipal corporation, taxing district or political subdivision shall be received, without regard to priority of issue or registration, in payment of any tax levied for the fund on which the warrant is drawn, except that a warrant not immediately redeemable shall not be received on any tax or part of a tax specifically levied or budgeted for the payment of principal or interest of bonded indebtedness. The tax collector shall not accept from any taxpayer warrants in a larger amount than the particular tax or part of a tax such taxpayer may be entitled to pay in such warrants.


The tax collector shall note on each tax receipt and copy thereof the number and amount of each warrant the tax collector receives and shall write or stamp across the face of each warrant the date of receipt and the words “Received for taxes.” No warrant received in payment of taxes shall draw interest after the date of receipt.


This section does not apply to special assessments, appearing on the tax roll, levied by an irrigation, drainage or water supply district.


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