Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.681
Request for retroactive deferral


Notwithstanding ORS 311.672 (Claim form), if an individual (or two or more individuals jointly) who has elected to defer homestead property taxes in a prior tax year has not filed a timely claim for deferral for one or more tax years succeeding the year in which property taxes were initially deferred under ORS 311.666 (Definitions for ORS 311) to 311.701 (Senior Property Tax Deferral Revolving Account), then the individual may request that the Director of the Department of Revenue grant a retroactive deferral of property taxes on the property. A spouse who is eligible to make the election under ORS 311.688 (Claim by surviving spouse or disabled heir to continue tax deferral) may also request a grant of retroactive deferral under this section.


The director may, in the discretion of the director, grant or deny the retroactive deferral of property taxes. No appeal from a decision of the director under this section may be made.


The director shall not grant a retroactive deferral of property taxes if, in any intervening year between the year in which deferral was last granted to the property and the last year for which retroactive deferral is being requested, the property would not have been eligible for deferral had the claim for deferral been timely filed.


If the director grants a retroactive deferral of property taxes under this section, the department shall pay to the county tax collector an amount equal to the deferred taxes for each year, less three percent. Interest shall accrue on the actual amount of taxes advanced to the county.


The department shall have a lien against the tax-deferred property for amounts deferred under this section as provided in ORS 311.673 (State liens against tax-deferred property). The lien shall attach as of July 1 of the tax year for which the payment relates. In the case of a payment representing more than one year’s property taxes, the department shall have a lien in the amount of that portion of a payment related to a particular tax year, which shall attach as of July 1 of that tax year. [1997 c.169 §2; 2011 c.723 §21]


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