Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.165
Collection of taxes upon severance and removal of improvements from the land


If in the opinion of the assessor:


It appears probable that real property improvements, whether assessed as improvements only or as real property improvements assessed together with land have been or will be severed from the land upon which they are situated and have been or will be removed from such land;


It appears that the amount of taxes which have been levied against the property in the current and prior years or which are anticipated to be levied for the current assessment year will not be adequately secured by the value of the property remaining in the tax account; and


It appears that unless prompt action is taken the taxes will not be collected, then the assessor shall proceed to levy and the tax collector to collect the taxes in the manner set forth in subsection (2) of this section.


If the amount of the taxes for the current year attributable to the property improvements is not able to be determined, the assessor shall estimate the taxes due for the current year. The assessor shall make demand upon the owner of the improvements as shown by the most recent assessment roll, for payment of the unpaid taxes attributable to the improvements for the current and all prior years. Any payments shall be paid immediately upon demand of the assessor either to the assessor for remittance to the tax collector or directly to the tax collector of the county pursuant to ORS 311.370 (Receipts for taxes collected in advance of extension on the tax roll). If the taxes are not paid immediately upon demand, the assessor shall certify the assessment and tax levies so made by the assessor to the tax collector. For the purposes of collection of the assessments, the owner shall be considered a taxpayer owning personal property against which ad valorem taxes have been assessed. Review may be had as provided in ORS 311.467 (Review of assessor’s action under expedited collection provisions). All taxes collected by the tax collector, or taxes collected by the assessor and remitted to the tax collector shall be credited to the real property account containing the improvements which were the basis of the tax. [1973 c.343 §1; 1979 c.350 §12; 1979 c.689 §28; 1991 c.459 §230]


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