Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.392
County’s option to advance to municipalities taxes levied prior to collection


If, in the discretion of the county court, it is more economical to advance to those municipalities from the general fund of the county the total amount of taxes, assessments or other charges levied against property in the county, the county court may advance from the general fund of the county the full amount of the taxes, assessments and charges levied by those subdivisions and the county court may order the county tax collector to revise the tax distribution schedule provided by ORS 311.390 (Tax and interest distribution percentage schedule) so that all taxes, assessments and charges advanced by the county will be allocated to the county. If the county makes the payments provided in this section, it shall have no recourse against the political subdivision for recovery of the shrinkage in collections from that anticipated at the time the payment was made.


If the county advances taxes under this subsection, before December 1 of each year, it may deduct from the levy the three percent discount which would have been given by the district had all of the taxes been paid by November 15 and turned over to the district on or before December 1 of each year. If the payment is made after December 1, no discount shall be taken by the county. [1965 c.492 §4; 1969 c.595 §8]


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