Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.150
Adding to, changing or correcting rolls by vouchers

  • preservation of vouchers


In lieu of the procedures for additions, changes or corrections to the assessment and tax rolls authorized by ORS 309.120 (Entry in roll of corrections, additions or changes), 311.205 (Correcting errors or omissions in rolls), 311.370 (Receipts for taxes collected in advance of extension on the tax roll) (5), 311.645 (Charging personal property taxes against real property), 312.140 (Notice of foreclosure list to lienholder) (2) and 358.495 (Notice of approval or disapproval), the officer in possession of the roll may prepare a voucher for each correcting entry. The voucher shall state what change is to be made, identify the tax account or accounts affected, provide sufficient evidence to indicate the propriety of the transaction and the date the voucher is approved by the officer in charge of the roll or an authorized deputy. The date the voucher is completed and approved is the date the change shall become effective and the voucher shall become a public record. The vouchers shall be numbered and the voucher number shall appear on the assessment or tax roll adjacent to the entry changing the roll.


The vouchers provided for in this section shall be preserved until the real property tax rolls of the year affected by the voucher have been foreclosed and the foreclosed property has been deeded to the county; or, in the case of personal property, until one year after the tax account affected by the voucher has been collected or canceled under the provisions of ORS 311.790 (Cancellation of uncollectible property tax). [1965 c.344 §6; 1975 c.514 §13]


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