Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.140
Restoration of tax rolls after destruction or damage

  • preparing transcripts as rolls for unpaid taxes


If the tax rolls of any county are destroyed or damaged, the tax collector of the county shall prepare transcripts of those parts of the rolls in which it appears, from evidence in the possession of the tax collector or otherwise obtainable, that taxes are unpaid on real or personal properties. The Department of Revenue and the assessor of the county shall assist the tax collector in the preparation of the transcripts.


The tax collector shall then certify that, to the best belief and knowledge of the tax collector, the transcripts are a true and correct record of the taxes remaining unpaid. When certified by the tax collector, the transcripts shall be the tax rolls of the county for all taxes so determined to be unpaid.


Thereafter, the tax collector may make corrections of such tax rolls, pursuant to ORS 311.205 (Correcting errors or omissions in rolls), to conform such rolls to the destroyed rolls. Such corrections shall be considered to be clerical errors, except that where a taxpayer is aggrieved by such correction, the taxpayer may within 60 days thereof petition the county court for relief. The petition shall set forth in detail the facts upon which the petitioner relies and the relief requested. The county court may hear such petitions in a summary manner and shall issue its order denying the relief requested or granting such relief as it determines proper. Any taxpayer aggrieved by such order may petition to the Oregon Tax Court in the manner provided in ORS 305.404 (Oregon Tax Court) to 305.560 (Appeals procedure generally).


The unpaid taxes exhibited in tax rolls prepared and certified in accordance with this section are liens upon the real and personal properties therein described, and shall have the same force and effect as the liens of taxes charged in the original tax rolls of the county. Such taxes shall be subject to the provisions of law for the collection of taxes on real or personal property. [Amended by 1965 c.344 §15; 1995 c.79 §144; 1995 c.650 §77]


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