Collection of Property Taxes

ORS 311.814
Appeal of large amounts of value

  • reserve account for refunds


Whenever any property value or claim for exemption or cancellation of a property tax assessment is appealed to the Oregon Tax Court after taxes on the property have been imposed, the Department of Revenue shall notify the county treasurer of the appeal not later than the following October 15, if the appeal is not finally resolved before the end of the tax year to which the appeal relates and the dollar difference between the total value asserted by the taxpayer and the total value asserted by the opposing party exceeds one-fourth of one percent (0.0025) of the total assessed value in the county, or if the appeal relates to property assessed under ORS 308.505 (Definitions for ORS 308) to 308.674 (Exemption equal to difference between real market value of company’s centrally assessable property and 130 percent of cost of company’s centrally assessable real and tangible personal property), and the value of such property asserted by the opposing party and attributable to the county exceeds one-fourth of one percent (0.0025) of the total assessed value in the county. After notification, the county treasurer shall set aside, if so ordered by the county governing body, from taxes collected in the current tax year, an interest bearing reserve account as provided in this section.


The reserve shall consist of an amount representing that portion of taxes paid by the petitioner attributable to the amount of value in dispute for each tax year that the appeal remains unresolved. Upon termination of the controversy, the principal amount in the account necessary to pay any refund, and any interest provided for under ORS 311.812 (No interest on refunds under ORS 311), shall be paid to the petitioner. Any excess remaining in the reserve after termination of the controversy and payment of a refund, if any, shall be deposited in the unsegregated tax collections account in full satisfaction of the tax due on the property.


If the final resolution of the controversy results in additional taxes due on the property, the amount in the reserve account shall be deposited into the unsegregated tax collections account and shall be distributed according to the distribution percentage schedule for the current tax year prepared in accordance with ORS 311.390 (Tax and interest distribution percentage schedule). The additional taxes shall be collected as provided in ORS 311.513 (Collection of additional taxes due upon resolution of appeal). [1991 c.459 §265; 1993 c.270 §63; 1995 c.256 §8; 1995 c.650 §72; 1997 c.541 §§299,300; 2003 c.274 §4; 2007 c.126 §1]


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