Small Watercraft

ORS 830.035
Peace officers to enforce chapter

  • fleeing
  • attempts to elude


The sheriff of each county and all other peace officers shall be responsible for the enforcement of this chapter and any regulations made by the State Marine Board pursuant thereto. In the exercise of this responsibility, a peace officer may stop any boat and direct it to a suitable pier or anchorage for boarding.


No person, while operating a boat on any waters of this state, shall knowingly flee or attempt to elude any law enforcement officer after having received a signal from a law enforcement officer to bring the boat to a stop. [Formerly 488.027]

Notes of Decisions

Administrative search or seizure of boat is subject to constitutional requirement that agency have policy limiting discretion of officers to carry out search or seizure. State v. Lecarros, 187 Or App 105, 66 P3d 543 (2003)


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