Small Watercraft

ORS 830.908
Definitions for ORS 830

As used in ORS 830.908 (Definitions for ORS 830) to 830.948 (Salvaged Vessel Subaccount):


“Abandoned vessel” means a vessel that has been left without authorization on public or private land, the waters of this state, or any other water.


“Business day” means any day other than a Saturday, a Sunday or a legal holiday as described in ORS 187.010 (Legal holidays).


“Derelict vessel” means a vessel that is on the waters of this state and that is:


Sunk or in imminent danger of sinking;


Obstructing a waterway;


Endangering life or property; or


In such dilapidated condition that it is in danger of becoming a significant environmental hazard as evidenced by repeated and documented instances of leaking fuel, sewage or other pollutants.


“Enforcement agency” means a law enforcement agency, a federal agency, the State Marine Board or any other public body, as defined in ORS 174.109 (“Public body” defined), that has responsibility for land or water on which an abandoned vessel or a derelict vessel is located.


“Owner” means a person who has a property interest in a vessel.
(6)(a) “Vessel” means a boat, a boathouse as defined in ORS 830.700 (Definitions for ORS 830), a floating home as defined in ORS 830.700 (Definitions for ORS 830), or any other floating structure that is normally secured to a pier or pilings.


“Vessel” does not include a dock as defined in ORS 307.120 (Property owned or leased by municipalities, dock commissions, airport districts or ports). [2013 c.680 §2]


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