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ORS 830.755
Transfer by operation of law of title subject to security interest

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In the event of the transfer by operation of law of the interest of an owner or security interest holder in a boat, boathouse or floating home for which an Oregon certificate of title has been issued, the certificate of title, if available, shall be signed upon the reverse side by the executor, administrator, receiver, trustee, sheriff or other representative or successor in interest of the person whose interest is so transferred in lieu of the person. The representative or successor shall file with the State Marine Board a notice of any transfer of the boat, boathouse or floating home by the representative or successor, together with evidence satisfactory to the board of all facts entitling the representative or successor to make the transfer. Upon the receipt of satisfactory evidence of the facts, and the required fee, the board shall issue a new certificate of title and a certificate of number or registration. If a boat, boathouse or floating home is repossessed, satisfactory evidence must be presented to the board that the security interest holder has given at least 10 days’ notice to the owner of the boat, boathouse or floating home, by registered mail or by certified mail with return receipt at the last-known post-office address of the owner the security interest holder’s intention to apply for a certificate of title.


As used in subsection (1) of this section, a transfer by operation of law includes inheritance, devise, bequest, order in bankruptcy or insolvency, execution sale, repossession upon default in performance of the terms of a security agreement, or any transfers effected other than by the voluntary act of the person whose interest is transferred. [Formerly 488.772; 1991 c.249 §74]
Chapter 830

See also annotations under ORS chapter 488 in permanent edition.

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Public right to use artificial lake created for recreation on a nonnavigable stream on privately owned land, (1972) Vol 35, p 1202


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