Small Watercraft

ORS 830.933
Reclamation of seized vessel


At any time before the date specified in the notice given pursuant to ORS 830.931 (Post-seizure notice) (2), any owner may reclaim the vessel by:


Paying all costs incurred by the enforcement agency in salvaging, towing and storing the vessel; and


Establishing to the satisfaction of the enforcement agency that the owner is able to move the vessel to a place where the vessel can be lawfully kept.


If a vessel seized under ORS 830.908 (Definitions for ORS 830) to 830.948 (Salvaged Vessel Subaccount) is not reclaimed in the manner provided by this section, title to the vessel and all personal property found in the vessel vests in the enforcement agency, and the enforcement agency may sell or otherwise dispose of the vessel and the property. [2013 c.680 §9]


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