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ORS 830.150
Disbursement of funds for boating facilities

  • priorities
  • water quality protection
  • hearing


Amounts remaining in the Boating Safety, Law Enforcement and Facility Account in excess of funds obligated under ORS 830.140 (Boating Safety, Law Enforcement and Facility Account) (2) shall be distributed, upon application, to a federal agency, the state, a city, county, water improvement district, park and recreation district or a port. Distribution shall be made on the basis of need for a facility as that need appears to the State Marine Board.
(2)(a) In distributing funds under subsection (1) of this section, the board shall give first priority to applications for facilities designed to control water pollution or otherwise enhance water quality, including but not limited to pumping stations for recreational boat holding tanks, and to those other facilities for which there appears the greatest public need.


Subject to paragraph (a) of this subsection, the board may distribute funds for:


Construction and maintenance of boating facilities, for the acquisition of property therefor, and other related facilities such as parking, potable water, sanitation and other facilities for the convenience of the public using the boating facilities; and


Removal of derelict structures floating upon and abandoned dock or boat mooring facilities situated in, upon or over the waters of this state if such structures or facilities constitute a hazard to boating upon such waters.


Prior to making any distribution of funds under this section, the board shall hold a public hearing in the area where a facility is to be constructed or land acquired if in the judgment of the board, use of the facility would stimulate significant change in the character of the recreational use of the waters.


The board shall make no distribution of funds under this section for construction or acquisition if in the judgment of the board the applicant has not included in the construction or acquisition plans adequate provision for protecting the quality of the waters affected by the plans. The board’s denial of any application under this subsection must include specific notice to the applicant of the point or points of the plan that are found by the board to be inadequate. [Formerly 488.875; 2013 c.147 §2]


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