Small Watercraft

ORS 830.420
Minimum equipment requirements for rental or charter boats

  • rules
  • inspection
  • cancellation or revocation of certificate for failure to comply


The State Marine Board shall provide by rule minimum equipment requirements for boats rented or chartered to the public. The rules shall be made in accordance with ORS chapter 183.


Designated representatives of the board may annually inspect all rental or charter boats to check for the equipment required by the board. Any inspections conducted shall be coordinated with other state and federal agencies to minimize duplication of vessel inspections and boardings.


After a hearing upon 10 days’ notice to the owner of the boat, the board may cancel or revoke the certificate of number for any boat rented or chartered to the public if it does not equal or exceed the minimum equipment requirements provided by the board. [Formerly 488.026]

Attorney General Opinions

Safety standards and inspection of vessels carrying six or fewer passengers, (1977) Vol 38, p 1557


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