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ORS 830.375
Authorization required to hold marine event

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At least 30 days before holding a regatta, boat race, marine parade, tournament or exhibition on the waters of this state, the person who will be in charge of the event shall apply to the State Marine Board for authorization to hold the event.


The board shall provide by regulation for the manner of applying for and granting authorization and shall approve all applications for authorization which are consistent with the safety and pleasure of the public.


The board may make rules and regulations restricting the operation of boats necessary to insure safety two hours prior to, during and two hours after the approved event.


No person shall hold a regatta, boat race, marine parade, tournament, trial for speed records or exhibition on the waters of this state, unless the authorization of the board has been secured, except that the board’s authorization is not required if authorization or the equivalent has been secured from an appropriate agency of the United States.


An authorization by the board does not exempt a person holding an event from compliance with applicable federal law. [Formerly 488.108]


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