Small Watercraft

ORS 830.172
County boat use permit program review


In addition to those powers and duties set forth in ORS 830.110 (Powers and duties of board), the State Marine Board shall review county boat use permit programs, adopted by county ordinance, for approval or denial.


The board shall review county boat use permit programs under the following standards:


Funds shall be dedicated to county boating programs for boating safety, marine law enforcement or boating facilities;


The program applies only to counties bordering a state that allows imposition of a boat use permit fee;


The program meets standards adopted by rule by the board pertaining to:


Use of funds;


Amount of fee;


Administration; and


Enforcement; and


Boats with a current, valid certificate of number issued by the board under ORS 830.795 (Issuance of certificate of number and validation stickers) and manually propelled vessels are exempt from county boat use permits. [1991 c.590 §1]


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