Small Watercraft

ORS 830.649
Newberg Pool Congested Zone


As used in this section, “Newberg Pool Congested Zone” means the portion of the Willamette River beginning at river mile 30 and ending at river mile 50.


A person shall carry a towed watersports endorsement if the person is:


Engaged in wake surfing or wakeboarding as defined by the State Marine Board; and


On waters within the Newberg Pool Congested Zone.


The owner of a motorboat shall display a towed watersports motorboat certificate decal if the motorboat is engaged in towed watersports within the Newberg Pool Congested Zone.


The person shall present proof of a towed watersports endorsement and towed watersports motorboat certificate upon request by a peace officer. [2019 c.651 §5]


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