Oregon Oregon Department of Education

Rule Rule 581-022-2225
Emergency Plans and Safety Programs

The school district shall maintain a comprehensive safety program for all employees and students which shall:


Include plans for responding to emergency situations.


Specify general safety and accident prevention procedures with specific instruction for each type of classroom and laboratory.


Provide instruction in basic emergency procedures for each laboratory, shop and studio, including identification of common physical, chemical, and electrical hazards.


Require necessary safety devices and instruction for their use.


Require that an accident prevention in service program for all employees be conducted periodically and documented.


Provide assurance that each student has received appropriate safety instruction.


Provide for regularly scheduled and documented safety inspections which will assure that facilities and programs are maintained and operated in a manner which protects the safety of all students and employees.


Require reports of accidents involving school district property, or involving employees, students or visiting public, as well as prompt investigation of all accidents, application of appropriate corrective measures, and monthly and annual analyses of accident data and trends.


In schools operated by the district that are occupied by students, the district must ensure that all students are instructed and have drills on emergency procedures in compliance with ORS 336.071 (Emergency drills and instruction). The emergency procedures shall include drills and instruction on:




Earthquakes, which shall include tsunami drills and instruction in schools in a tsunami hazard zone; and


Safety threats including procedures related to lockdown, lockout, shelter in place and evacuation and other appropriate actions to take when there is a threat to safety.

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