Oregon Oregon Department of Education

Rule Rule 581-022-2405
Personnel Policies


The school district shall adopt and implement personnel policies which address:


Affirmative action;


Staff development;


Equal employment opportunity;


Evaluation procedures; and


Employee communication system.


The requirement for releasing to Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, another district or any person upon request the disciplinary records of an employee or former school employee if the employee was convicted of one or more of the list of crimes addressed in ORS 342.143 (Issuance of licenses and registrations).


Personnel policies shall be accessible to any school employee and notice of their availability to the general public shall be published:


A current copy shall be accessible in each school office and library; and


Any organization which represents employees of the district shall be furnished a copy and revisions as they are made.


Bonded Employees: All employees responsible for funds, fees or cash collections shall be bonded in compliance with Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules.


Employees for whom a teaching certificate is not required: The school district shall give to each such employee an individual written notice of reasonable assurance of continued employment as required by ORS 332.554 (Notice of reasonable assurance of continued employment).

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