Oregon Oregon Department of Education

Rule Rule 581-022-2330
Rights of Parents of TAG Students

In carrying out the requirements of OAR 581-022-2325 (Identification of Academically Talented and Intellectually Gifted Students) and OAR 581-022-2500 (Programs and Services for Talented and Gifted Students), the school district shall:
(1) Inform parents at the time of the identification of the child and the programs and services available.
(2) Provide an opportunity for the parents to provide input to and discuss with the district the programs and services to be received by their child.
(3) The parents may, at any time, request the withdrawal of their child from programs and services provided under OAR 581-022-2330 (Rights of Parents of TAG Students). The school district shall notify parents of identified students of this right.
(4) Parents shall be informed of their right to file a complaint under OAR 581-002-0001 (Definitions) to OAR 581-002-0023 (Settlement and Remediation).

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