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Rule Rule 581-022-2230
Asbestos Management Plans


The statutory authority for this rule is the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 as amended by Public Law 100.368 and subsequent rule published in the Friday, October 30, 1987, Federal Register (40 CFR Part 763).


Any public and private school that acquires or leases a school building after October 12, 1988 shall submit an Asbestos Management Plan to the Department of Education prior to occupancy.


The Management Plan shall include all the elements contained in 40 CFR §763.93(e).


General local education agency responsibilities (as stated in 40 CFR §763.84). Each local education agency shall:


Ensure that the activities of any persons who perform inspections, reinspections, and periodic surveillance, develop and update management plans, and develop and implement response actions, including operations and maintenance, are carried out in accordance with Subpart E (40 CFR 763);


Ensure that all custodial and maintenance employees are properly trained as required by Subpart E (40 CFR 763) and other applicable federal and/or state regulations (e.g., the Occupational Safety and Health Administration asbestos standard for construction, the EPA worker protection rule);


Ensure that workers and building occupants, or their legal guardians, are informed at least once each school year about inspections, response actions, and post-response action activities, including periodic reinspection and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress; or


Ensure that short-term workers (e.g., telephone repair workers, utility workers, or exterminators) who may come in contact with asbestos in a school are provided information regarding the locations of Asbestos Containing Building Material (ACBM) and suspected ACBM assumed to be Asbestos Containing Material (ACM);


Ensure that warning labels are posted in accordance with §763.95;


Ensure that management plans are available for inspection and notification of such availability has been provided as specified in the management plan under §763.93(g);
(g)(A) Designate a person to ensure that requirements of this section are properly implemented; and


Ensure that the designated person receives adequate training to perform duties assigned under this section. Such training shall provide, as necessary, basic knowledge of:


Health effects of asbestos;


Detection, identification, and assessment of ACM;


Options of controlling ACBM;


Asbestos management programs;


Relevant federal and state regulations concerning asbestos, including those in Subpart E (40 CFR 763) and those of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, U. S. Department of Labor, the U. S. Department of Transportation and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Consider whether any conflict of interest may arise from the interrelationships among accredited personnel and whether that should influence the selection of accredited personnel to perform activities under this subpart.

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