Oregon Oregon Department of Education

Rule Rule 581-022-2260
Records and Reports


Required Records and Reports: The school district shall provide all records and reports required by the Oregon Department of Education.


Student Activity Funds: The school district shall prescribe the purposes for which student activity funds may be obtained and used and the role of students in management and expenditure of funds.


Education Records of Students: The school district shall maintain education records of students according to the provisions of OARs 581-021-0210 (Evaluating Student Transcripts) through 581-021-0440.


ESD Annual Report: Pursuant to the requirements and review schedule as set out in OAR 581-024-0228 (Review School District Operations) and ORS 334.125 (Status of board) (9), all school districts shall cooperate with their education service district in:


Annually reviewing specific school district operations for purposes of achieving economies and efficiencies; and


Preparing and submitting an annual report concerning the results of the annual review to the State Board of Education.

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