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ORS 31.260
Definitions for ORS 31

As used in ORS 31.260 (Definitions for ORS 31) to 31.278 (Use of information relating to notice of adverse health care incident):


“Adverse health care incident” means an objective, definable and unanticipated consequence of patient care that is usually preventable and results in the death of or serious physical injury to the patient.


“Health care facility” has the meaning given that term in ORS 442.015 (Definitions).


“Health care provider” means a person practicing within the scope of the person’s license, registration or certification to practice as:


A psychologist under ORS 675.030 (Licensing of psychologists after examination) to 675.070 (Authorized sanctions), 675.085 (Investigation) and 675.090 (Application of ORS 675);


An occupational therapist under ORS 675.230 (Application for licensing) to 675.300 (Grounds and procedures for denial, refusal to renew, suspension or revocation of license);


A physician under ORS 677.100 (Qualifications of applicant for license) to 677.228 (Automatic lapse of license for failure to pay registration fee or report change of location);


An emergency medical services provider under ORS chapter 682;


A podiatric physician and surgeon under ORS 677.820 (Qualifications of applicants) to 677.840 (Fees);


A registered nurse under ORS 678.010 (Definitions for ORS 678) to 678.410 (Fees);


A dentist under ORS chapter 679;


A dental hygienist under ORS 680.040 (Qualifications of applicants for dental hygiene licensure examination) to 680.100 (Discipline of dental hygienist);


A denturist under ORS 680.515 (Application for license) to 680.535 (Grounds for imposing discipline);


An audiologist or speech-language pathologist under ORS 681.250 (Requirement for license in speech-language pathology or audiology) to 681.350 (Denial, suspension or revocation of license or conditional license);


An optometrist under ORS 683.040 (Qualifications of applicants) to 683.155 (Hearing) and 683.170 (Sanction may be set aside by board) to 683.220 (Licensing of applicant holding license in another state);


A chiropractor under ORS 684.040 (Application for license) to 684.105 (Discipline procedure);


A naturopath under ORS 685.060 (Minimum educational requirements for license) to 685.110 (Grounds for discipline), 685.125 (Discipline procedure) and 685.135 (Certificate of special competency in natural childbirth);


A massage therapist under ORS 687.011 (Definitions) to 687.250 (Enforcement);


A direct entry midwife under ORS 687.405 (“Direct entry midwifery” defined) to 687.495 (Collection of data on birth and fetal death outcomes);


A physical therapist under ORS 688.040 (Licensing procedure) to 688.145 (Discipline procedure);


A medical imaging licensee under ORS 688.445 (Licensing and renewal procedure) to 688.525 (Grounds for discipline);


A pharmacist under ORS 689.151 (Board control over licensing, standards and discipline) and 689.225 (License requirement) to 689.285 (Continuing education);


A physician assistant under ORS 677.505 (Application of provisions governing physician assistants to other health professions) to 677.525 (Fees); or


A professional counselor or marriage and family therapist under ORS 675.715 (Application) to 675.835 (Injunctive proceedings).


“Patient” means the patient or, if the patient is a minor, is deceased or has been medically confirmed by the patient’s treating physician to be incapable of making decisions for purposes of ORS 31.260 (Definitions for ORS 31) to 31.278 (Use of information relating to notice of adverse health care incident), the patient’s representative as provided in ORS 31.274 (Patient representatives). [2013 c.5 §1; 2021 c.97 §4]


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