Building Code

ORS 455.505
Uniform energy conservation standards

  • rules

The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, subject to the approval of the appropriate advisory boards, shall adopt rules establishing uniform energy conservation standards for inclusion under the state building code. The director shall design the energy conservation standards to increase energy efficiency in buildings that are newly constructed, reconstructed, altered or repaired. The director shall periodically review the energy conservation standards of the state building code and propose updates to the standards as the director considers necessary to reflect changing technology in energy efficiency and to encourage continual improvements in building energy efficiency in accordance with ORS 455.511 (State Building Code energy efficiency goals and standards). In reviewing the energy conservation standards, the director shall consider the target standards described in the Architecture 2030 organization’s 2030 Challenge and may consider other available nationally recognized energy conservation standards. [2009 c.750 §6]
Note: See note under 455.500 (Reach Code).


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