Building Code

ORS 455.805
Criteria for granting of master builder status

An individual may apply to the Department of Consumer and Business Services to be tested and certified as a master builder. The department shall establish uniform criteria for use in determining whether to grant an application. The criteria must, at a minimum, provide that:


The individual must be an owner or regular employee of a qualified construction company and be authorized by the company to provide assurance to the department that all state and local code requirements are met.


In each of the five preceding calendar years, the individual must either have performed or supervised a dwelling construction or whole dwelling remodel. In at least two of the years, the construction or remodel must have occurred in a geographic area that had a master builder program.


The individual must have completed a program sponsored by a local building trade committee or other program approved by the department, providing training relating to the construction of one and two family dwellings under the Low-Rise Residential Dwelling Code. A program must include but need not be limited to instruction in:




Chimneys and fireplaces;


Decay and termite protections;


Energy conservation;


Footings and foundations;


Roof-ceiling construction;


Roof coverings;


Site inspections;


Wall construction, assemblies and coverings; and


Wood and metal framing.


The individual must have scored at least 75 percent on a written examination, approved and administered by the department, covering the appropriate aspects of the Low-Rise Residential Dwelling Code.



The individual must not be the subject of an adverse final order issued by the Construction Contractors Board or Department of Consumer and Business Services based upon acts committed within 36 months preceding the application date that:


Violated a specialty code, licensing or permit requirement; or


Resulted in a claim being filed with the board or department against the individual.


For purposes of this subsection, if the individual is an owner of a qualified construction company, an adverse final order issued against the company is an adverse final order issued against that individual. [2001 c.406 §2; 2003 c.675 §39]
Note: See note under 455.800 (Definitions for ORS 455).


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