Building Code

ORS 455.085

  • readability
  • funding


The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall, upon receipt of adequate funds under subsection (2) of this section, publish all state building code provisions relating to the design, construction, prefabrication, equipment or appliance installation, quality of materials, use and occupancy location and repair of detached low-rise residential dwellings in two separate publications. One publication shall contain the applicable provisions of the specialty code adopted under ORS 479.730 (Adoption of rules by Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services) (1) and the other publication shall contain the remaining applicable provisions of the state building code. The text of the publications made under this section shall be readable at the ninth grade level of reading, as determined by the director under one or more standard recognized readability formulas, including, but not limited to, the Flesch, Fry or Dale Chall tests.


The publications under subsection (1) of this section shall be paid for by funds donated by interested citizens, who shall be made aware of the project by the Department of Consumer and Business Services through public service announcements and other nominal-cost advertising. Funds shall be collected until sufficient funds are available to conduct the publication. Refunds shall be made to the donors if sufficient funds are not collected. [Formerly 456.787 and then 455.635; 2003 c.675 §13]


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