Building Code

ORS 455.110
Other duties of director

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Except as otherwise provided by ORS 479.015 (Smoking in public elevator prohibited) to 479.200 (Fire protection water supply for public buildings), 479.210 (“Institution” defined for ORS 479) to 479.220 (Institution inspection by State Fire Marshal), 479.510 (Short title) to 479.945 (Restricted energy contractor’s license), 479.990 (Penalties) and 479.995 (Civil penalty for violation of ORS 479) and ORS chapters 446, 447, 460, 476 and 480:


The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall coordinate, interpret and generally supervise the adoption, administration and enforcement of the state building code.


The director, with the approval of the appropriate advisory boards, shall adopt codes and standards, including regulations as authorized by ORS 455.020 (Purpose) governing the construction, reconstruction, alteration and repair of buildings and other structures and the installation of mechanical devices and equipment therein. The regulations may include rules for the administration and enforcement of a certification system for persons performing work under the codes and standards adopted under this subsection. However, this subsection does not authorize the establishment of a separate certification for performing work on low-rise residential dwellings.


The director, with the approval of the appropriate advisory boards, may amend such codes from time to time. The codes of regulations and any amendment thereof shall conform insofar as practicable to model building codes generally accepted and in use throughout the United States. If there is no nationally recognized model code, consideration shall be given to the existing specialty codes presently in use in this state. Such model codes with modifications considered necessary and specialty codes may be adopted by reference. The codes so promulgated and any amendments thereof shall be based on the application of scientific principles, approved tests and professional judgment and, to the extent that it is practical to do so, the codes shall be promulgated in terms of desired results instead of the means of achieving such results, avoiding wherever possible the incorporation of specifications of particular methods or materials. To that end the codes shall encourage the use of new methods, new materials and maximum energy conservation.


The director shall adopt rules requiring a journeyman plumber licensed under ORS chapter 693 or an apprentice plumber, as defined in ORS 693.010 (Definitions), who tests backflow assemblies to complete a state-approved training program for the testing of those assemblies. [Formerly 456.770; 2003 c.675 §16; 2005 c.736 §2; 2007 c.71 §140; 2015 c.27 §49]


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