Building Code

ORS 455.614
Mapping tool for wildfire hazard mitigation

The Department of Consumer and Business Services:


Shall develop and maintain an interactive mapping tool that displays, at the property level, wildfire hazard mitigation standards covered in section R327 of the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. The tool must be designed to support future inclusion of snow load, seismic and wind building code standards at the property level.


Shall collaborate with Oregon State University to obtain any needed information from the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer and national or science-based sources in order to develop the tool.


Shall ensure that the tool is displayed in an electronic format and available to the public at no charge.


Shall periodically update the tool when the relevant building code is updated.


May enter into an agreement with the university concerning services required to develop and maintain the tool. [2021 c.592 §12c]
Note: See first note under 455.612 (Building code standards for wildfire hazard mitigation).
Note: Section 12d, chapter 592, Oregon Laws 2021, provides:
Sec. 12d. (1) The Department of Consumer and Business Services shall develop the interactive mapping tool described in section 12c of this 2021 Act [455.614 (Mapping tool for wildfire hazard mitigation)] not more than 60 days after the statewide map of wildfire risk described in section 7 of this 2021 Act [477.490 (Statewide map of wildfire risk)] is developed.


Any delay in developing the tool may not affect a deadline concerning the map. [2021 c.592 §12d]


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