Building Code

ORS 455.685
Review of plans and specifications to determine compliance

  • effect of approval
  • fees

The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services may, upon an application setting forth a set of plans and specifications that will be utilized in one or more municipalities to acquire building permits, review and approve the application for the construction or erection of any building or structure if such set of plans meets the requirements of the state building code. All costs incurred by the director by virtue of the examination of such a set of plans and specifications shall be paid by the applicant. The plans and specifications or any plans and specifications required to be submitted to a state agency shall be submitted to the director who shall examine the instruments and if necessary distribute them to the appropriate state agencies for scrutiny regarding adequacy as to fire safety, life safety and all other appropriate features. The state agencies shall examine and promptly return the plans and specifications together with their certified statement as to the adequacy of the instruments regarding that agency’s area of concern. The applicant shall submit the plans and specifications to a local building official prior to application for a building permit. The local building official shall review the plan for those features required by local ordinance or by any site-specific, geographic, geologic or climatic code requirements. A local building official shall issue a building permit upon application and presentation to the local building official of such a set of plans and specifications bearing the approval of the director if the requirements of all other local ordinances are satisfied. The director or local building official may assess such fees as necessary to recover the reasonable costs incurred to ensure the compliance of the plans and specifications with the state building code. [Formerly 456.840; 1997 c.856 §3]


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