Building Code

ORS 455.310
Single-family residence repair and maintenance exempt from codes

  • exemption itemized


It is not the purpose of this chapter to require that permits be obtained or fees be paid for repairs and maintenance that do not violate the intent of the structural and fire and life safety specialty provisions of the State of Oregon Structural Specialty Code and the Low-Rise Residential Dwelling Code, adopted pursuant to ORS 455.020 (Purpose) and 455.610 (Low-Rise Residential Dwelling Code), ORS chapter 476, ORS 479.015 (Smoking in public elevator prohibited) to 479.200 (Fire protection water supply for public buildings) and 479.210 (“Institution” defined for ORS 479) to 479.220 (Institution inspection by State Fire Marshal), when such repair or maintenance is done on a single-family residence, or a private garage, carport or storage shed that is accessory to a single-family residence.


Items designated by the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, with the advice of the Residential and Manufactured Structures Board, shall be exempt from permits and fees required under this chapter. The director shall, pursuant to ORS chapter 183, develop and maintain an applicable list of such exempt items, which shall include, but not be limited to, concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, masonry repair, porches, patio covers, painting, interior wall, floor or ceiling covering, nonbearing partitions, shelving, cabinet work, gutters, downspouts, small accessory buildings, door and window replacements, replacement or repair of siding and replacement or repair of roofing. In making the list of exempt items, the director shall further define the items on the list contained in this subsection so that no item which adversely affects the structural integrity of the dwelling shall be on the list. [Formerly 456.753 and then 456.915; 1993 c.744 §93; 2003 c.675 §26; 2009 c.567 §17]


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