Building Code

ORS 455.511
State Building Code energy efficiency goals and standards


As used in this section, “energy efficiency” means the use of construction and design standards, construction methods, products, equipment and devices to increase efficient use of, and reduce consumption of, electricity, natural gas and fossil fuels in buildings undergoing new construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair.


The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, after consultation with the State Department of Energy and subject to the approval of the appropriate advisory boards, shall adopt amendments to the state building code under ORS 455.030 (Rulemaking) to increase energy efficiency in buildings that are newly constructed, reconstructed, altered or repaired. In adopting the amendments, the director shall consider generally accepted model codes, products and product standards, the Reach Code adopted under ORS 455.500 (Reach Code) and other available data to evaluate codes and standards that promote energy efficiency in buildings.


The director, in consultation with the appropriate advisory boards, shall develop a schedule for the periodic review of energy efficiency standards and shall establish goals for increasing the level of energy conservation achieved by the use of energy efficiency standards contained in the state building code and the Reach Code. In establishing goals and the schedule for periodic review of standards under this section, the director shall consider the publication schedule of generally accepted construction codes and standards. If the director determines that the adopted review schedule or energy efficiency goals are not practicable for economic or technical reasons, the director may amend the schedule or goals as the director considers appropriate. [2009 c.750 §7]
Note: See note under 455.500 (Reach Code).


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