Residential Landlord and Tenant

ORS 90.765
Prohibitions on retaliatory conduct by landlord


In addition to the prohibitions of ORS 90.385 (Retaliatory conduct by landlord), a landlord who rents a space for a manufactured dwelling or floating home may not retaliate by increasing rent or decreasing services, by serving a notice to terminate the tenancy or by bringing or threatening to bring an action for possession after:


The tenant has expressed an intention to complain to agencies listed in ORS 90.385 (Retaliatory conduct by landlord);


The tenant has made any complaint to the landlord which is in good faith;


The tenant has filed or expressed intent to file a complaint under ORS 659A.820 (Complaints); or


The tenant has performed or expressed intent to perform any other act for the purpose of asserting, protecting or invoking the protection of any right secured to tenants under any federal, state or local law.


If the landlord acts in violation of subsection (1) of this section the tenant is entitled to the remedies provided in ORS 90.710 (Causes of action) (1) and has a defense in any retaliatory action against the tenant for possession. [Formerly 91.870; 1991 c.67 §17; 1993 c.18 §17; 2001 c.621 §84]
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