Residential Landlord and Tenant

ORS 90.734
Manager or owner continuing education requirements


At least one person for each facility who has authority to manage the premises of the facility shall, every two years, complete four hours of continuing education relating to the management of facilities. The following apply for a person whose continuing education is required:


If there is any manager or owner who lives in the facility, the person completing the continuing education must be a manager or owner who lives in the facility.


If no manager or owner lives in the facility, the person completing the continuing education must be a manager who lives outside the facility or, if there is no manager, an owner of the facility.


A manager or owner may satisfy the continuing education requirement for more than one facility that does not have a manager or owner who lives in the facility.


If a person becomes the facility manager or owner who is responsible for completing continuing education, and the person does not have a current certificate of completion issued under subsection (3) of this section, the person shall complete the continuing education requirement by taking the next regularly scheduled continuing education class or by taking a continuing education class held within 75 days.


The Housing and Community Services Department shall ensure that continuing education classes:


Are offered at least once every six months;


Are offered by a statewide nonprofit trade association in Oregon representing facility interests and approved by the department;


Have at least one-half of the class instruction on one or more provisions of ORS chapter 90, ORS 105.105 (Entry to be lawful and peaceable only) to 105.168 (Minor as party in proceedings pertaining to residential dwellings), fair housing law or other law relating to landlords and tenants;


Provide a certificate of completion to all attendees; and


Provide the department with the following information:


The name of each person who attends a class;


The name of the attendee’s facility;


The city or county in which the attendee’s facility is located;


The date of the class; and


The names of the persons who taught the class.


The department, a trade association or instructor is not responsible for the conduct of a landlord, manager, owner or other person attending a continuing education class under this section. This section does not create a cause of action against the department, a trade association or instructor related to the continuing education class.


The owner of a facility is responsible for ensuring compliance with the continuing education requirements in this section.


The department shall annually send a written reminder notice regarding continuing education requirements under this section to each facility at the address shown in the facility registration filed under ORS 90.732 (Landlord registration). [2005 c.619 §3; 2007 c.906 §39; 2009 c.816 §11; 2011 c.503 §19; 2019 c.625 §19]


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