ORS 90.849
Notice of conveyance


In addition to providing notice as required by ORS 90.842, upon sale of a facility under ORS 90.842 to 90.850 or upon any sale, transfer, exchange or other conveyance of a facility described in ORS 90.848, the owner shall give notice of the conveyance to the Housing and Community Services Department stating:


The number of vacant spaces and homes in the facility;


If applicable, the final sale price of the facility;


The date the conveyance became final; and


The name, address and telephone number of the new owner.


Upon receipt of a notice under ORS 90.655 (1) or 90.842 (3) or subsection (1) of this section, the department shall make available on a website any public information contained in the notice and shall deliver the information to any person who has requested copies in a manner prescribed by the department. [2017 c.198 §5; 2019 c.595 §5; 2019 c.625 §30]

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