Residential Landlord and Tenant

ORS 90.398
Termination of tenancy for drug or alcohol violations


If a tenant living for less than two years in drug and alcohol free housing uses, possesses or shares alcohol, marijuana items as defined in ORS 475C.009 (Definitions for ORS 475C), illegal drugs, controlled substances or prescription drugs without a medical prescription, the landlord may deliver a written notice to the tenant terminating the tenancy for cause and take possession as provided in ORS 105.105 (Entry to be lawful and peaceable only) to 105.168 (Minor as party in proceedings pertaining to residential dwellings). The notice must specify the acts constituting the drug or alcohol violation and state that the rental agreement will terminate in not less than 48 hours after delivery of the notice, at a specified date and time. The notice must also state that the tenant can cure the drug or alcohol violation by a change in conduct or otherwise within 24 hours after delivery of the notice.


If the tenant cures the violation within the 24-hour period, the rental agreement does not terminate. If the tenant does not cure the violation within the 24-hour period, the rental agreement terminates as provided in the notice.


If substantially the same act that constituted a prior drug or alcohol violation of which notice was given reoccurs within six months, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement upon at least 24 hours’ written notice specifying the violation and the date and time of termination of the rental agreement. The tenant does not have a right to cure this subsequent violation. [2005 c.391 §10; 2017 c.21 §34]


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May 30, 2023