Support Enforcement

ORS 25.164
Payment of support through Department of Justice

  • application


If the payment method for support payments set forth in the support judgment does not require that payments be made through the Department of Justice, an application may be made to the department for support enforcement services under this chapter and under federal laws and regulations relating to support payments and enforcement of judgments. An application under this section may be made by an obligee, by an obligor, by a person having physical custody of a minor child or by a child attending school, as defined in ORS 107.108 (Support or maintenance for child attending school).


An application under subsection (1) of this section must be in the form prescribed by ORS 25.084 (Assignment of rights or written application required for services).


If an application is made under subsection (1) of this section, the administrator shall give notice to all parties that the application has been made. All support payments under the judgment that are due after the notice is given must be made through the department.


When an application is made under this section, the method of support accounting previously used for the support judgment terminates on the first day of the month following the month the application is made, and the department shall thereafter provide support accounting for the support judgment and disburse amounts paid under the judgment.


If an application is made under this section and a complete record of support payments does not exist, the department may establish a record of arrearage under ORS 25.167 (Procedure for determining arrearages). [Formerly 25.320; 2003 c.146 §6; 2009 c.352 §6]


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