Support Enforcement

ORS 25.680
Effect of lien

  • priority


Whenever a notice of claim of lien has been recorded under ORS 25.670 (Judgment lien on personal property) (2), the owner of the personal property may not release, sell, transfer, pay over, encumber or convey the personal property that is the subject of the lien until the Department of Justice or person to whom the support is or was owed or, if services are being provided under ORS 25.080 (Entity primarily responsible for support enforcement services), the enforcing agency of this or any other state releases the lien, the lien has been satisfied or a court has ordered release of the lien on the basis that no debt exists or that the debt has been satisfied. The limitations of this subsection do not apply to transfers or conveyances of the property by the owner to the holder of a security interest that was in existence at the time the notice of claim of lien was filed.


The rights of bona fide purchasers for value or persons with a security interest in the personal property are not affected by the creation or the existence of the lien.


Liens filed under ORS 25.670 (Judgment lien on personal property) do not have priority over previously perfected security interests. [1985 c.671 §48; 1999 c.80 §35; 2003 c.73 §39]


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