Support Enforcement

ORS 25.327
Service of medical support notice


The enforcing agency shall serve the medical support notice on the providing party’s employer as a withholder. The notice may be served upon the withholder or the withholder’s registered agent, corporate officer, bookkeeper, accountant, person responsible for payroll or local office manager by:


Personal service;


Any type of mail that is calculated to give actual notice and is addressed to one of the persons listed in this subsection; or


Electronic means if the employer has the ability to receive the medical support notice in that manner.


Service of a medical support notice constitutes receipt of a medical child support order.


The enforcing agency shall, as provided in ORS 25.333 (Contesting medical support notice), notify the parties that the medical support notice has been served on the providing party’s employer. [2003 c.637 §5; 2007 c.878 §8]


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