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ORS 25.762
Agreement between obligor and administrator

  • effect of failure to contest suspension or to enter into agreement


If the administrator is contacted within 30 days of the date of the notice specified in ORS 25.759 (Notice to persons subject to suspension), the administrator and the obligor may enter into an agreement as provided for by rule of the Department of Justice. If no contest is filed or if no agreement is entered into within the time prescribed by ORS 25.750 (Suspension of licenses, certificates, permits and registrations) to 25.783 (Confidentiality of information), or if the obligor fails to comply with the terms of an agreement previously entered into, the administrator shall advise the issuing entity to suspend the license, certificate, permit or registration forthwith.


After receipt of notice to suspend from the administrator, no further administrative review or contested case proceeding within or by the issuing entity is required. [1993 c.365 §6; 1995 c.620 §4; 1999 c.80 §14; 2001 c.323 §3; 2003 c.73 §45]


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