Support Enforcement

ORS 25.384
Statement on withholding in support order


Any child support order issued or modified after October 1, 1989, shall include a statement in substantially the following form:

The support order is enforceable by income withholding under ORS 25.372 (Applicability) to 25.427 (Rules). Withholding shall occur immediately, whenever there are arrears at least equal to the support payment for one month, whenever the obligated parent requests such withholding or whenever the obligee requests withholding for good cause. The district attorney or, as appropriate, the Division of Child Support of the Department of Justice will assist in securing such withholding. Exceptions may apply in some circumstances.


The Department of Justice shall provide annual notice to each obligor and obligee on support orders being enforced by the district attorney or Division of Child Support of the availability of and requirements for exceptions to withholding. [Formerly 25.370]


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