Support Enforcement

ORS 25.576
Order for support of adjudicated youth or other offender


After an opportunity for a hearing on the matter, the court or the administrator may enter an order in favor of the Oregon Youth Authority that requires a parent or other person to pay support toward the care and maintenance of an adjudicated youth or other offender if:


The parent or other person is legally responsible for the support of the adjudicated youth or other offender; and
(b)(A) The adjudicated youth is committed to the legal custody of the youth authority by order of the juvenile court; or


The other offender is placed in the physical custody of the youth authority under ORS 137.124 (Commitment of defendant to Department of Corrections or county).


The formula established under ORS 25.275 (Formula for determining child support awards) applies to an order entered under this section.


When the administrator makes an order under this section, the provisions of ORS 25.501 (Definitions for ORS 25) to 25.556 (Expeditious court hearings) apply. [Formerly 416.483; 2021 c.489 §5]
Note: See note under 25.575 (Definitions for ORS 25).


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