Support Enforcement

ORS 25.402
Service of order on withholder

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(1)(a) The party initiating the support action shall serve the order to withhold on the withholder. The order may be personally served upon the withholder or the withholder’s registered agent, an officer of the corporation, bookkeeper, accountant, person responsible for payroll or local office manager or may be served by any type of mail which is calculated to give actual notice and is addressed to one of the persons listed above.


Notwithstanding paragraph (a) of this subsection and unless the Department of Justice, prior to initiating service, receives written notice of completion of service by another party, the department shall serve the order to withhold in all cases affecting a support order for which the department or the district attorney has responsibility under ORS 25.080 (Entity primarily responsible for support enforcement services) for providing support enforcement services regardless of whether the department or another party initiated the support action.


The order to withhold shall inform the withholder of all of the following:


The amount of the obligor’s continuing support obligation.


That the withholder is required to withhold from the obligor’s disposable income due or becoming due to the obligor at each pay period an amount as determined by ORS 25.414 (Standard amount to be withheld).


The appropriate person to whom to make the withholding payment.


The information contained in ORS 25.375 (Priority of withholding), 25.387 (Withholding more than amount authorized by law), 25.411 (When withholding begins), 25.414 (Standard amount to be withheld), 25.417 (Amount to be withheld when obligor paid more frequently than monthly), 25.421 (Procedure if withholder does not withhold support) and 25.424 (Liability of withholder). [Formerly 25.314]


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